“Larry is a very detail oriented executive. He worked as my Chairman of Integration at D&W Fine Pack, where he was tasked with integrating three $100 million companies. His prior experience as a CFO and extensive understanding of IT give him a true big picture look at all business situations."

Joseph D. Lancia,
CEO, D&W Fine Pack LLC

“Larry has the unique ability and willingness to think and work strategically, and then roll up his sleeves and get into the details. He draws on his rich and diverse background to tackle complex problems and drive to solution quickly. He has an engaging, inclusive leadership style and is adept at identifying and attracting talent to his teams."

Clay Davis, Senior Vice President, D&W Fine Pack

“Over the past 6 years, I have had the pleasure of working with Larry, as a peer, at both C&M Fine Pack, and D&W Fine Pack. During our time together, Larry has been a strong leader within the organization, both championing change, and leading efforts to boost accountability. In particular, his unique skillset as both a financial, and operations executive, proved to be an invaluable resource to me in supporting my endeavors towards improving our manufacturing operations. Not only was he able to help me understand “which levers to pull”, but he was right there by my side as we implemented change on the manufacturing floor. Simply put, Larry is one of those rare guys who can not only develop the high level strategy….but can also effectively go down to the floor level, and manage the implementation of the strategy.”

Russ Stephens, Vice President - Manufacturing, D&W Fine Pack

“Larry is an excellent leader, communicator, and change manager, with the rare capability to translate complex business, financial and strategic needs into coordinated action across an enterprise. He can manage the full range of administrative functions, has a strong bottom-line orientation, and is a tremendous coach and developer of human talent. With broad experience in public and private company environments, his talent as a financial executive and his can-do attitude combine in a passionate leader who is a tremendous asset to any organization for which he works.”

Andrew Falcon, President/CEO, C&M Fine Pack, Inc.

“Larry is a solid manager and team builder. Larry works across departments and disciplines to accomplish complex projects and tasks. While Larry is a talented and accomplished CFO he is also a well rounded and capable business manager with great operational understanding and with a unique ability to build teams, get consensus and lead.”

Macy Neshati, Vice President, Complete Coach Works

 “Larry, as CFO, was a key member of our management team at Pacer Technology. During our tenure together, the company was publically held and entailed significant efforts on Larry's part to manage SEC reporting, interface with auditors etc. He is very hard working, driven and skilled in accounting and finance. He additionally managed the IT function for the company. I found Larry to be an excellent CFO and would hire him again given similar circumstances.”

Tom Nightingale, President/CEO, Super Glue Corporation formerly known as "Pacer Technology"


“I worked for Larry at the very start of my accounting career and he may not know it, but his problem solving style and ability to motivate employees and treat them with dignity and respect were two lessons I have remembered throughout my career. He is truly a competent and effective leader.”

Greg Huntington, Former Accounting Supervisor, Stater Bros. Markets- Now Waste Management & Distribution CFO

“Larry and I were peers on the leadership team of D&W Fine Pack LLC. D&W was a newly forming company which was the accumulation of three acquisitions. The challenge was to integrate the three businesses into a cohesive entity with a single new identity. Larry's role was key to the successful integration of these businesses and the challenhes were significant. Larry worked closely with every functional executive on the team and provided expert support in supporting their integration efforts. Additionally Larry served as the conduit to keep the entire integration plan up to date, on time and tracked the hard dollar savings that were resulting from the synergies of the integration. Larry did an outstanding job in a very difficult assignment and we would not have been nearly as successful without his efforts.”

Jeffery Swoyer, Vice President Human Resources, D&W Fine Pack LLC 

“Larry was a valuable contributor to the execution of various tasks around both integration of acquired companies and implementation of common business processes and metrics across the platform, as it expanded. I could rely on Larry, as he is a self starter, who always met deadlines, with excellent work product."

Mark Staton, CEO, D&W Finepack LLC

“I have had the pleasure of working with Larry Huff for the past three years at D&W Fine Pack, LLC. As a peer on the D&W team, I found Larry to be a dedicated, hard working executive with broad experience in a variety of areas including IT, finance and HR.

As the current VP of Business Process and prior to that the VP of Integration, that broad experience allowed Larry to manage the hyper complex tasks associated with managing the integration of seven companies, six of which were acquired over a period of three years. In his current role, Larry and his team are the critical link between the IT group and the functional areas of the business. By setting in place a disciplined process for filtering and prioritizing all business projects, he has created a highly effective and functional process for managing the myriad projects in a company born of major acquisitions.

Larry was the driving force behind the implementation of a cloud based system which created full transparency to our complex trade spend rebate, and marketing program processes.

Larry's work at D&W has been exemplary and I would strongly recommend him as an effective key member of an executive team.”

Richard Vogt, Chief Financial Officer, VP Finqance, Secretary, D&W Fine Pack LLC

“I was fortunate to work with Larry on multiple projects that were on the enterprise level. His knowledge of both IT and Finance helped our teams launch successful software launches in Microsoft CRM, Pricing, and other enterprise level software developments. His is that rare person who understands both the IT environment and the world of finance. He is a true professional with expertise in business process development, Information Technology management, and a seasoned CFO. I highly recommend Larry. I have no doubt he will make an immediate impact on any organization looking to hire a multifaceted business professional.”

Bill Avila, Director Information Technology, D&W Fine Pack

“I've known Larry for 15+ years and have been fortunate to work for Larry in building complex property and casualty insurance programs for three seperate companies in which Larry acted as the CFO. Larry is an exceptional CFO that demands perfection and professionalism in every project. I would highly recommend Larry in any CFO/CEO role.”

Travis McElvany, Vice President/Account Executive, Hub International Insurance Services Inc.

“Larry is a highly qualified financial executive with excellent analytical and technical skills. His knowledge of financial reporting and corporate finance are very strong. He is ethical and his integrity is impeccable.”

Roger Wadell, Owner, Soren McAdam Christenson LLP

“I have known Larry for many years in various financial positions including; Stater Bros Markets, Pacer Technology and others. I have always found Larry to be very capable in his CFO role and who operated with integrity in our banking relationships.”

Louis Goodwin, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank


“I worked with Larry at Stater Bros. Markets in Southern California for a number of years. I was the head technology guy and Larry was involved with many of the implementations from an accounting point of view.
I enjoyed his professionalism, can-do attitude and get it done work ethic.
I would be glad to work along-side him in the future.”

Garry Beaty,Chief Information Officer, City of Boise, Idaho